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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Start

Martial arts can look deceptively easy to do as the initial contact with the relative art is usually via a demonstration by an expert or a feature in television or film. In common with most things, experts tend to make the difficult look easy. In Kendo the beginner must learn the basic stances or kamae associated with the use of the sword, the mechanics of the cut itself and basic attack and defence techniques prior to going into armour and taking part in actual contests. Read more


Kendo grades work on a Kyu and Dan system much like other martial arts.

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The shinai is meant to represent a Japanese sword (katana) and is made up of four bamboo slats, which are held together by leather fittings. A modern variation of a shinai with carbon fiber reinforced resin slats is also used.

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Kata is the practice of set forms practiced in pairs using bokuto. There are 2 sets of kata.

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History of Kendo

Ito Ittosai is commonly credited with developing the style that has evolved into modern day Kendo. Originally students were taught using bokuto (wooded sword) in a method that is still used today in Kenjutsu. The disadvantage of this method is the lack of free sparring without considerable danger. It took more than 200 years before any serious thought was given to protecting the students. Read more